Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Crazy For Catnip!

It's no secret that many cats love catnip. Catnip is a natural herb that contains nepetalactone, a stimulant that brings out a cat's playful side! Behaviours often seen in cats around catnip includes: rubbing, rolling, biting and chewing the product, purring and pawing. It is used in many cat toys to make them extra appealing.

Here's our top catnip products for happy moggies...

Yeowww! Catnip

The Yeowww! range is definitely well deserving of the top spot. This American company produces super strong organic catnip that really drives the kitties wild! The toys come in a range of fun designs, including rainbows, bananas, cigars and sardines. We've yet to find a cat that doesn't love the Yeowww! products, and all the staff cats enjoy them immensely!
Yeowww! also do bags of loose catnip - great for putting on scratching posts and scattering on their beds.

 Zebedee's Catnip Mice

The Zebedee's are a traditional catnip mouse toy that really packs a punch! Enjoyed by lots of cats, the mice come in pink and blue - though we don't think they really mind the colour!


Kong have a large variety of catnip products, ranging from loose leaves to sprays. One of their more unique products are the refillables - small toys that you can refill with loose catnip over and over. They come in lots of fun designs so you can find the perfect one for your cat.

 Scratch Boards

Scratch boards are a great alternative to upright scratching posts. Scratching is a very natural behaviour for cats - it helps shed dead claws and also gives them a good stretch. Scratch boards are made using cardboard and can be filled with loose catnip - to help encourage your cat to use it (instead of your sofa!) Here's one of the staff cats in action with the Catit! Board. She definitely gives it her seal of approval!

Come in store to see- and smell!- our huge range of catnip toys and accessories.

Love the Shoreline Pack

Friday, 10 April 2015

Top Ten: Training Treats

Training your dog is an amazing way to bond with your pet whilst reinforcing basic obedience - a very important behaviour to master for any dog. We at Shoreline are big fans of positive reinforcement training, so we have a large selection of treats that will have your dog sitting pretty! If you want the full positive reward package we also stock lots of clickers!

Here we have chosen our top ten training treats...

1: Nature's Menu

These bite-size, semi-moist treats are a super tasty reward for dogs due to the 95% meat content. They come in handy resealable packs in three flavours - chicken, lamb and beef - and are all grain-free. They are by far our most popular training treat, and the staff dogs will do anything for them!

2: Fish4Dogs Super Stars

These tiny treats contain 55% fish and are infused with salmon oil to make them extra smelly and tasty! With no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, Super Stars are very healthy and sure to be a big hit!

3: Alpha Spirit

These semi-moist treats are perfect for dogs that need a lower fat diet. They are high in meat and tofu, and contain joint care supplements and omega 3. They come in resealable packs of small pieces or rolls of sticks to cut off your own portion size. They also come in lots of flavours to give your dog a bit of variety. 

4: Lily's Kitchen

The Lily's Kitchen Cheese and Apple Training Treats are an all organic and low fat biscuit. They are packed with tasty farmhouse cheddar, calcium for teeth and bones, and fresh apples. They also contain flaxseed, which promotes organ health and a shiny coat, and rosehips, which are a rich source of vitamin C. 

5: Perrito

Perrito treats are a great choice because they are 100% natural and 100% meat, making them ideal for sensitive tummies, or for dogs that are on a grain-free diet. The chicken chunkies are good for training due to the small size, and can also be given to cats!

6: Feelwells

Coming in three tasty varieties - grain-free, liver and cheesy - these semi-moist treats are nice and small so great for a quick reward. The grain free variety is a good option for dogs on a sensitive diet, whereas the liver is very high value if your dog needs a little extra coaxing! 

7: Betty Miller's

The Betty Miller's training treat range comprises of healthy biscuits in different varieties to suit your individual dog's needs. The bone shaped biscuits are nice and small, but can be broken in half if needed. The range includes: Petites, for general rewarding; Good Dog, containing liver and carob for a high taste reward; Fussy Dog, with salmon for finicky pooches; Chubby Dog, for those that need to shed some pounds; and Whiffy Dog, with charcoal and peppermint to aid digestion and keep breath fresh. 

8: Arden Grange

The Arden Grange Liver Paste includes 35% liver so is an extra tasty reward when training. It comes in a handy tube to keep pockets and fingers clean, and it easy to portion. It is naturally hypoallergenic and can also be used to administer medication, due to its strong smell and mousse-like texture.

9: The Natural Way

The Natural Way bones are a natural holistic biscuit. The liver and chicken varieties contain high percentages of meat to make them tasty as well as healthy. The ingredients of the apple and cinnamon bones have many health benefits: Apples contain high levels of pectin and antioxidants; Cinnamon is a source of manganese fibre, iron and calcium; and rosemary is a natural source of iron, calcium and vitamin B6. 

10: Coachies Lick Treat

The Coachies Lick Treats are an innovative and novel way to reward your dog. They come in 'deodorant' style bottles to keep pockets clean, with a rollerball top for dogs to lick as a reward. With all natural ingredients, there is only 1 calorie per 8 licks, so are a guilt free treat for your dog! With over 500 licks per bottle it's certain to last through many training sessions! 

These are just our top ten suggestions to get your dog's attention (and keep it that way!) We have lots more treats to tempt and reward your dog in store, so come down and see us to find what will best suit your pooch!

Love the Shoreline Pack

Monday, 23 February 2015

Feeding Fussy Dogs

A problem that arises for a lot of people is the sudden development of a fussy dog. They may have been eating the same food for months with no issue, then one day they refuse to eat it. There are a huge number of reasons a dog may be off their food. They could be having tummy troubles, or maybe they were given a tasty treat that their dinner just doesn't quite live up to, or they might simply not be hungry. It is hard to be certain of the cause, but one thing is for sure - it is unpleasant to think our dogs are going hungry.

The first question to ask yourself is:

  • Is my dog underweight, ill, or recovering from illness/surgery?

If the answer to this question is yes, then a diagnosis with your vet is important. Loss of appetite may result from a tummy bug or conditions like pancreatitis, and finding the cause is key in treating it. If your dog is recovering from surgery, then it's normally a priority to get them eating again (double check with your vet to be certain of any special needs.) We recommend plain, gentle wet foods such as Forthglade Chicken, Arden Grange Sensitive Ocean Fish, or Lily's Kitchen Recovery Recipe. The Recovery Recipe is great for enticing dogs to eat due it's tasty ingredients, including fresh chicken, potato and banana.

  • If your dog is fit and healthy...

    ...Yet still being finicky with food, the next thing to consider is their diet. Have a look at the ingredients on the back of the food, or speak to one of the nutrionally trained staff at Shoreline. If your dog's diet is not suitable for their individual needs, taking in to account allergies and intolerances, they may show one or more of these signs:
  • Itchy, flaky skin
  • Overweight/underweight
  • Bad breath
  • Runny/soft stools
  • Unpleasant odours (i.e. from the ears)
  • Rumbly tummies & wind

If your dog shows any of these signs, this may mean what you are feeding is causing them discomfort- for example, if the recipe is chicken based, to which they have an allergy, every time they eat it will cause a belly ache or gas. This subsequently puts them off eating as they have a bad association with that particular food.

A lot of the cheaper dog foods are produced with 'off-cut' ingredients, not good quality meats. This means that to make it tasty for the dogs, they have to add things like sugars, flavour enhancers, and E-numbers. Though it can be tempting to give your dog a food they 'love' and eat hungrily, it can sometimes be the equivalent of feeding a McDonalds! Obviously this is not a healthy option in the long run.

When purchasing foods you should be looking for:
  • A high quantity of fresh meat (around 45% minimum, unless your dog has meat intolerances)
  • No derivatives (meat or vegetable)
  • No sugars or artificial preservatives
  • Age appropriate food
  • Appropriate size of kibble 
With higher quality foods, you genereally do not need to feed as much, so they can be more cost effective than the cheaper 'value' brands. (With hopefully less resulting vet bills too!) They are also a lot more palatable to most dogs, encouraging those fussy pooches to get stuck in!
  • Is it behavioural?

If your dog is healthy, with no underlying medical issues, and is on a high quality diet, your dog may be testing boundaries! It is very common for dogs to do this between 6-24 months of age.

When a dog that is on a high quality diet and in good health suddenly stops eating, it can be very tempting to give them something new to eat, or top their food with high value treats like cooked chicken, ham, gravy, or cheese. In most cases this can be one of the worst things to do. Not only are these methods often high in fat and salt and completely unbalanced, your dog will learn very quickly that if it says no to one meal, it will be given something new and more interesting! This can become a vicious circle, leaving you frustrated, struggling to find new foods, and creating a lot of waste.

More often than not, it can pay off to be more stubborn than your dog and stick with their current healthy diet. A good way to do this is to put a small amount of food down, and if they don't eat it within 10 minutes, take it away. Place a fresh portion down at the next meal time, following the same principle. Your dog is not going to starve itself, and will probably be eating again within a couple of days! This can save you a lot of time - and money - in the long run!

  • Dos and Don'ts...
  • Feed high quality, natural food
  • Be patient
  • Determine any allergies and intolerances 

  • Hand feed
  • Add unhealthy toppers
  • Pick the 'easy' unhealthy option
  • Change the diet every time they walk away from the food
  • Try and encourage your dog to eat (This can confuse them or reinforce their unwanted behaviour!) 

Good luck, and remember that if you require any advice on diets for your dog's individual needs, then please come and speak to one our trained staff - we are always happy to help you and your furry friends!

Love the Shoreline Pack

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Lighten Up With Some Hi-vis Gear This Winter!

At this time of year, dark dog walks are almost unavoidable. Especially when the weather turns, it can result in hard to locate dogs and plenty of lost balls! Light-up and high visibility products are not only helpful to you, they also keep your dogs safe. We've compiled a list of our favourite light-up products - guaranteed to receive glowing compliments!

Collar Tags

Collar tags are very convenient - just clip them onto a collar when required or even leave them on. Our three favourite varieties in stock are the B'Seen, the B'Seen 360° and the Roglite. 

The B'Seen features a relective double sided tag with a solid light on one side - it shows up great under torchlight or headlights and can be seen up to 700 metres away.

The B'Seen 360° is a lighthouse style unit with a flashing light visible all around the tag. It is also waterproof and shock proof so you can rest assured it will work in the rain or during walks along the beach! It comes in white, baby pink, baby blue, black and red.

The Rogz Roglite features a reflective strip, a bright light with three settings, and also comes in five colours: Red, blue, pink, orange and glow in the dark. Perfect for matching the Rogz collars and leads!

Light-up collars

We have lots of different light-up collars in stock, but our current favourite is the Animate LED. Coming in either pink, orange or yellow (all hi-vis!), these feature either a flashing or constant light all around the collar. Sizes range from 34cm - 63cm. 

The collar tags are great for lighting your dog's way as well making them visible to oncoming traffic, whereas the light-up collars give great visibility for you too! We at Shoreline like to team them together for maximum safety!


We all know the routine for dogs that like to play fetch - Human throws the ball, the ball is caught, something more interesting comes along (Eau de fox, anyone?), and the ball is dropped and lays forgotten. This can become an expensive hobby, so we've got plenty of stock of flashing and glowing balls to prevent anymore losses! Our current favourite is the ChuckIt! Maxglow. It comes in three different sizes with matching throwers available, is super tough and bouncy, and glows up brilliantly at night time! Just remember that it absorbs natural sunlight during the day, so leave it in a sunny place such as a windowsill for maximum glow! 

This isn't our entire range of light-up products, so if you need any advice or are looking for anything specific, come down to the store, have a good look and - most importantly - stay safe this season!

Love the Shoreline Pack

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Winter Feeding In the Garden

Winter can be tough on all of us, but even more so for our friends who live outside. There are many ways we can lend a hand to wild birds that don't require much effort, but can really make a huge difference during the colder months. Birds, especially the smaller ones such as bluetits, need to eat as much as 30% of their body weight in food every day to build up their fat reserves for the winter, so they could use our help!

Feeding wild birds can be very rewarding, though to ensure maximum interest to your garden it is important to cater the feed to the species. This is only a quick guide, so feel free to come in store and see us. Tell us what birds are in your garden, and we'll tell you what you need!

Standard mixes, like this one shown, are normally the cheapest. It caters to most birds, though depending on what kind of area you live in you may find it's rejected by some of the smaller birds- if your neighbours have a good selection you might have competition! They are predominantly made up of grains; wheat, cut maize, millet, oats and a few black sunflowers. 

Songbird mixes particularly cater to blackbirds, robins, nuthatches, tits and finches. If you have a lot of finches try to include some nyjer seed in the feeding regime- the tiny, oil rich seed is high in energy, though be sure to keep it fresh so it doesn't dry out. These blends normally contain sunflower hearts- a great source of energy- and dried mealworms. Try feeding live mealworms to attract robins, if you're brave enough! Peanuts are a great source of high energy too, though best fed from a feeder to stay fresh. (Squirrels love these too, so invest in a squirrel- proof feeder if they aren't welcome in your garden!)

If you find you have a lot of wastage with ready made blends, it's easy to mix your own. Decide what is most popular, then buy it all separately. You may also find it's cheaper this way. 

Fat balls, suet balls, and suet pellets are a firm favourite of most garden wild birds. The insect and berry varieties are bestsellers at Shoreline. Suet blocks are too, as they're easy to feed and require little cleaning of the feeders.

Top Do's and Dont's

1. Not enough variety!

A variety of feeders will ensure maximum popularity of your garden- mesh socks, perch feeders, hanging feeders, and bird tables all attract different species of birds. 

2. Empty Feeders

There will normally be a flurry of feeding early morning when the sun rises, and another late afternoon to prepare for the night ahead. Make sure all the food is out for these times (and get your camera ready for some lovely views!)

3. Cheap Blends

Cheap and cheerful works for some gardens, but normally you get what you pay for. If the price is low, the ingredients are not going to be as good. Look out for the top five: peanuts, sunflower hearts, mealworm, suet pellets, and nyjer seeds. 

4. Cleaning and Storing Seeds

The older the seed, the less interested birds will be. Keep them dry and air tight to preserve the natural oils, and clean feeders regularly with a non-toxic disinfectant. Rinse well to avoid any lingering odours. 

5. Placement of Feeders

Hanging feeders in a tree is an ideal place, providing natural shelter from wind and predators. Don't put them out in the open, where cats and foxes may put them off or lay in wait for unwary victims! 

6. Fat Balls in Mesh Bags

Always cut the nets off of fatballs! Birds can get their feet trapped in them, causing injury, and birds with barbed tongues- like woodpeckers- can get their beaks caught. They could also choke hedgehogs and foxes if they drop on to the grass. 

Please e-mail us or send us a message on Facebook with any questions on our wild bird guide, we love to hear from you. You can always give us a Tweet too on https://twitter.com/shorelinepet! We always have plenty of tips and tricks to keep your garden full of feathery visitors!

Love the Shoreline Pack 

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Our Favourite Christmas Products...

This festive season is one of our favourites at Shoreline. Christmas is a time to spend with family, and if yours is anything like ours, that includes our furry relatives! There's nothing quite like a dog walk in the snow then getting cosy with the cat by the fire.

We collected our ultimate Christmas products. Some are indulgent, some are practical and some...well, they are just for a bit of fun! 

The first two are a combination of both. Introducing, the Planet Dog Snowball and Mint. They both have a 'chomper' rating- the Snowball is 5/5 and the Mint 3/5, so you can choose which would best suit your dog. One of the Shoreline Dogs, Gracie, a Boxer Staffy x (with powerful gnashers!) has had her Snowball for nearly three years, and it's still going strong! They also have a lovely scent added to them so any kisses under the mistletoe will be minty fresh!

Next are the Christmas Dinner cans. Those familiar with Lily's Kitchen will notice it has returned with a slightly different, but still well received recipe! Billy + Margot is brand new this year, combining turkey with yummy root vegetables and herbs. They are both high quality and healthy cans perfect for Christmas day- plus it means you don't have to share your delicious human roast! 

Antlers are the perfect treat to keep your dog busy at Christmas. Having relatives over and a change of routine can cause some dogs to be anxious or stressed, and chewing relieves this feeling. They are packed with minerals, and do not splinter so you know you can relax- both because your dog is happy and that he's not tearing the presents open! (Don't worry about Rudolph- deer naturally shed their antlers!) 

Here is the lovely Gracie, sporting one of the many festive accessories we are stocking this year. Some dogs won't tolerate even a coat let alone a fake santa beard or hat, but Gracie relishes any extra attention!

Our last favourite is not strictly a Christmas product, but it's a sure fire way to impress the felines in your life. The Yeowww! catnip range is always a hit, so much so that we offer a money back guarantee on the bananas if your cat doesn't like it. Here is Smudge, one of our Shoreline cats, pictured with her old faithful- and slightly weathered- banana! She sleeps with it but as soon as we ruffle it up or warm it slightly on the radiator she goes crazy all over again!

So there you have it, a small selection of our best Christmas products. Please e-mail us at shorelinepets@gmail.com or send us a message on Facebook with any questions, we love to hear from you! Always feel free to pop in for some on the house advice from the team too.

Love from the Shoreline Pack 

A New Breed Of Pet Shop...

Shoreline Pet Supplies is an independent, family run business in Worthing on the South Coast of the UK.

We believe in taking a fresh approach to traditional values, ensuring our customer service is second to none. Keeping our customers happy- both human and furry!- is our top priority, whether by our advice, prices, or the products themselves. This means that you have a friendly and helpful service at your disposal, whilst being rest assured that anything we recommend for your best friend is of the highest quality and standard.

Our extensive and specialist product knowledge is often what sets us apart from bigger chain stores. Being canine and feline specialists, our staff have a mere ten cats and four dogs between us (for now!) so everything we believe in is all tried and tested. We will never promote the less healthy options to our customers, as we know a healthy pet is a happy one. However, we understand that not everyone has time to come in and see us for the advice they might need, or even just to discuss what other options are out there.

We set up this blog for our customers to read at their leisure, discussing everything from training methods to dietary debates. This will also include the option to email any questions, contact us on Facebook, or as usual pick up the dog and bone on 01903 243100! 

Love from the Shoreline Pack